Total Marriage

Total Marriage

Monday, December 28, 2015


In the last installment of this series, we have finally made it to the Top! It has been a long ride and for some a hard climb. We have learned what it means to Love and how to turn our marriage back On! Today, we will be taking our marriage to the TOP! The reality of getting your Love On Top is to admit that it has gone through some turbulent times that have caused you and your mate to be on the bottom.
Once you evaluate and take inventory of all the things that you and your spouse have done over the years, you will be able to pinpoint what has kept you so “grounded on level 1” instead of living life and love on top at the penthouse level. Today is your day to take flight to the Top! Going to the top is a teamwork and partnership. In life if you are at the top of your game, but your marriage is slumming it, then you have not really made it to the top. True Love On Top is when the marriage makes it, because when the marriage makes it, then each spouse has made it to.

So, the first step to the Top is to not try and go at it alone. Don’t think that if you get to the top you can carry, cheer, or badger your spouse to that level with you. You have to be willing to stay in the trenches and work your way up to the top together and not apart. Just like in the military and with firefighters, you have to take the motto, “No Man Left Behind!” Don’t leave your spouse behind.

Stop Making Your Spouse Take the Stairs

Step 2 to going to the Top is to stop making it so hard for your spouse, and stop being so difficult. Many of you are riding easy on the elevator to the top all the while making your spouse take the stairs. Marriage is not 50/50 it is 100/100! There is no test that you can take and make a 50 on it and pass. It is not enough for you to do half (50%) and then expect your spouse to give you a 100%! 

You make your spouse take the stairs when you are unloving, unforgiving, adulterous, dishonest, non-communicative, a work-alcoholic, and despondent towards your mate. You are making your spouse climb while you take an easy ride to the top. If you are making your spouse work overtime and you are barely showing up to the marriage, then you have made your spouse take the stairs. You cannot give minimum input and expect maximum output!

The Rules of Engagement to 
Put Your Love On T.O.P.

Talk & Touch: The behavior of getting to the top is that you talk and touch your spouse every day. In the morning when you get up, say, “Good Morning.” When you leave the house, seal it with a kiss. Throughout the day, touch base with each other. When you come home, welcome one another with a kiss and a smile. Schedule time each night to have pillow talk. Always make talking and touching a primary focus of each day. Talking & Touching always takes you to the Top!

Observation & Opportunities: Don’t get so busy that you don’t notice or acknowledge that your spouse is going through something. Don’t always consider yourself and your feelings all the time. Really observe your spouse and look for opportunities to love them and really connect to them. Constant observation and seizing the right opportunities will take and keep you at the top!

Priority & Purpose: Make your marriage and your spouse a top priority. Make your marriage a true purpose in your life. There are so many things that compete for our time and energy, but your spouse should not have to compete because they should already be a top priority. You have to remember that you cannot complete or accomplish your life’s purpose without your spouse, so you must realize they are an integral part of you. Keeping the right priority and purpose will keep you at the top of your marriage.

A couple who is talking and touching every day, spouses who observe and look for love opportunities, and put each other as a priority and purpose are bound not only to make it to the top, but to remain there. Today choose to put your Love On Top and stay at the Penthouse level in your marriage. All that you need to make your marriage successful is already down on the inside and within you and your spouse; it just needs to be unleashed! It is Time for you to Unleash the Possibilities Within & Live Life From the Inside Out in Your Marriage!

Monday, December 21, 2015


Are You Opening or Closing the Door on Your Marriage?

Open Door = Love On Top!  If you have an attitude always to keep the door of your heart and marriage open then your love will be able to go to the top. Think about when you are running to an elevator door that is about to close, you scream, “Hold the Elevator!” There is nothing more disheartening than seeing those doors close when you know the person inside heard you and allowed the door to close.

Many spouses are living in this reality, screaming for the Elevator Door of love, affection, communication, sex, trust, kindness, and faith to remain open, but all they are met with are closed doors. Are you holding the door open so your marriage can put its Love On Top? If you are not meeting your spouse’s needs, being present in and committed to your marriage, or being intimate and communicating with your spouse then you have closed your elevator doors.

Open your elevator doors today by first apologizing to your spouse for your wrong behavior, and then tell them how you plan to change and be different going forward, and finally make a new commitment with one another. You have to hold the elevator door open no matter how long it takes so that your spouse can always feel that you to are on and connected.

Closed Door = Love on Bottom! Closed doors mean no access. Many of you have denied your spouse access to you and to a great marriage. There is literally a Do Not Disturb sign over your heart right now. Many of you are in the off position and you have a sign on your elevator doors that says, OUT OF ORDER! A closed door means a closed marriage and it means love that is on the bottom and not on top. You cannot not get to the top being closed off.

Love On Top Assignment: Define how you will turn your marriage On this week. Talk with your spouse about how you can get your marriage moving to the top and staying in the On position. Finally, discover what keeps you and your spouse from opening the doors to your marriage.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Please Help Me to Spread the Word about this Dynamic & Epic Total Woman Conference!

Please Help Me to Spread the Word about this Dynamic & Epic Total Woman Conference!

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Monday, December 14, 2015


We are going to discuss how to have an ON marriage! In between the words, Love & Top is the word ON. You can’t take your Love to the Top without first having your marriage in the On setting.

Just like in the natural, nothing works in the off position or setting. Neither is your marriage able to function in the off position and setting. A marriage that is destined to go to the penthouse has to be turned ON.

The word ON is defined as something that is operational and functions at a superior level. To be on is to remain supported, attached, and unified with something else. It is the covering or wrapping for something. It is to be in connection, association, and cooperation with something.

Your marriage in order to stay on and remain on must be operational, meaning it must have order. You cannot live in a chaotic house and expect a peaceful and orderly marriage. Also for your marriage to be on and operational then it means everyone must do their part, every part has its operation and it must perform its function as such.

To really be on in your marriage, you and your spouse must focus on making the marriage superior, in essence making it important. To be superior is to be above average, you cannot settle for an ok marriage in the “on” position. No one gets to the top of anything with being average, but rather by being, having and giving excellence. Are you giving excellence in your marriage?

If you and your spouse are going to put your Love On Top, then you must remain supportive of one another, attached to one another in your commitment and also in spending quality time together. Most of all you must be unified. You must be one with another and you must respect each other.

In marriage you should be the covering and wrapping of love, grace, affection, and kindness for your spouse. If your spouse was to describe you as a covering, which one would you be: (1) Fleece: soft, cuddly, and comforting. (2) Flannel: warm, but sometimes a little itchy. (3) Sackcloth: harsh, abrasive, and unbearable.

How you cover and wrap your spouse speaks to how your marriage will be on in essence of connection, association, and cooperation. You can only achieve connection in the on position. If you are wrapping your marriage in fleece, then you are in connection with your spouse. The best way to remain on in connection with your spouse is to communicate with them daily. Not just talking, but connecting! Discussing hopes, dreams, needs, wants, desires, and giving words of affirmation. When you have an on marriage that brings forth connection then association and cooperation with one another comes naturally. So put your Love On Top with a fleece (soft, cuddly, and comforting) covering.

            Covering your marriage in flannel and sackcloth turns it off and does not take your love to the penthouse level. Especially for my wives, seriously wearing flannel and sackcloth material and pajamas really turns a man off. Turn your love life on by wearing some silk, satin, and lace to entice your man.

You Go Up In Your Marriage By Turning It ON!

Many of you before you can turn your marriage on, must identify what is causing you to have an off marriage. In what ways are you turning your marriage off? In what ways are you non-supportive, distant, and non-connective? What caused your marriage to go from on to off? What plan of action or strategy do you have for turning your marriage back on?

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Total Woman Conference-“Don’t Bury Your Dreams”

Saturday, April 16th 2016


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This is more than just a Conference; it is a clarion call for you to step into the Divine Destiny of Your Dreams! This Conference will not only empower & equip you to finally fulfill your dreams, but you will have an opportunity to get real answers to the questions that you have concerning your life and dreams.

We will have Amazing & Anointed Worship, an Empowerment Master Life Session on Possessing Your Dreams, a Fabulous Luncheon, a Talk Show, & we will also have “The Mind of a Man” an All Male Panel Discussion so that you can get real answers to the relationship questions that you have! We will conclude with a Book Signing, so please bring your Total Woman Book. If you don’t have the book, it is available online and wherever books are sold!

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Monday, December 7, 2015


Get Off the Ground Floor and Stop Just Pressing the * 1 Button

This is ground level, everyone starts here, and some never get beyond this point in their marriage. It is the most often pushed/used button on an elevator. You have become complacent in your marriage when all you do is push the 1-button. It takes you nowhere, it is status quo and it is mediocre. You have to make yourself put forth a plan to get your marriage off the ground, off the floor, and out from the bottom. You have to finally put your Love on Top! You can’t have LOVE (Loyalty, Openness, Vision, & Eternal Embrace) if you are stuck on button 1 at ground floor and bottom level. This keeps your marriage in a down state when you only press the 1-button and never the PH (Penthouse) button.

You Have to Put Your Love On Top… 
Push the PH (PENTHOUSE) Button

The Penthouse is the top and highest level. If you want to Put Your LOVE (Loyalty, Openness, Vision, & Eternal Embrace) on Top, then you have to daily press the PH button. You have to make sacrifices and be dedicated in order to have a Penthouse Marriage. Your love is limitless at the Penthouse level. Your mate deserves to have a penthouse spouse and a penthouse marriage. It takes prayer, patience, persistence, practice, and purpose to sustain a penthouse kind of love. So, if your want to put your Love On Top, the Press the PH (Penthouse) button! You can’t put your Love On Top if you are not willing to press! You have to Press to Put Love On Top!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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